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Talking Dictionary470. Angel Breath


470. The world's number one problem, he thought, was number two. Millions of people have no flush toilets. Their only toilet is Mother Earth. He wanted to help protect the planet from all the poop. He spent months in his lab. Then he conducted hundreds of trials on volunteers. He finally developed a solution. It was a pill. The pill converted poo to gas. He told his girlfriend about it. She was excited. She hated to use public toilets—even the ones at Moonbucks—when nature unexpectedly called. She said, "It sounds too good to be true. There aren't any side effects?" He said, "Well, there's one. The pill produces so much gas that some of it travels upward. Then it exits through your mouth." She laughed. She said, "Phew! Talk about bad breath! Nobody will ever swallow that pill." He said, "Sure they will. People can get used to anything." 3.3


470. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.