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Talking Dictionary468. 9/11 Won't Happen Again


468. Two retirees were talking about the nearly completed Freedom Tower. Bud said, "Well, it's taken 12 years, but we're finally going to have a skyscraper in downtown Manhattan again. At 1776 feet, it'll be a tall reminder of our country's roots." Mo said, "Yes, it's going to be a glorious day when 1 WTC opens for business and tourists. Terrorists have to realize that if they knock us down, we'll get right back up. The USA will always stand tall. But I'm still worried. What's to stop them from trying again? That's an inviting target, you know." Bud said, "Well, I heard we're ready for them this time. The military has leased the 60th floor. There'll be a 24/7 lookout for low‐flying planes. Rocket launchers and machine guns will be at the ready. If terrorists try to use jetliners again, the sky will light up like the Fourth of July." 5.2


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