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Talking Dictionary467. A Place For Everything


467. Their apartment in Manhattan had a walk‐in closet. Stacked in the closet were four big, plastic bins. Each bin was full of plastic bags. Each bag was full of things—pens, light bulbs, batteries, bandages, Christmas decorations, and whatnot. Whenever he needed something, all he had to do was dig out a plastic bag. Over the years, however, the bags in the bins had become disorganized. He didn't know which plastic bags were in which bins. He didn't even know which things were in which plastic bags. Searching for anything required patience and prayer. One day, his wife needed some floss. He said, "I'll go buy you some at Walbrowns." She said, "Walbrowns? Why walk all the way to Walbrowns? I thought you had floss in the closet. I thought you had everything in that closet." He said, "I do have everything in that closet. But I can't find anything." 3.9


467. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.