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Talking Dictionary462. Drink Your Own Tea


462. The waiter at IchiUmi asked if they wanted anything to drink. His wife and her friend wanted tea. His wife asked, "Do you want tea, too?" He said, "No. Water's fine." After the waiter left, they all rose. They grabbed clean plates and visited the buffet line. They returned to their table with plates piled high with fresh crab and other food. As the women ate and talked, he felt a little chilly. He looked at his wife's cup of hot tea. She wasn't drinking it. He asked if he could have it. She said, "Take it. I don't like it anyway." That night she scolded him. She said, "Next time, please order your own cup of tea." He said, "But you weren't drinking yours." She said, "I don't care. You made it look like we didn't have enough money for an extra cup of tea. I was so embarrassed." 1.8


462. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.