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Talking Dictionary461. Barefoot With Hand Out


461. Warren was exiting the chilly subway station. A man in tattered clothes was sitting on the landing. His bare feet were black with dirt. As Warren approached, the man extended a dirty, raggedy "NY Yankees" cap. He said, "Please, sir! Please, sir!" His tone was mournful. Warren figured he was mental. Warren dropped some change into the cap, being careful not to touch it. The man thanked him. Warren walked up to street level. He decided to give the man more money. He went back down. Again, the man extended his cap and said, "Please, sir!" Warren said, "Here's a little more." The man said, "You're a gentleman and a scholar." Maybe he isn't mental, Warren thought. He asked, "Are you a Yankees fan?" The man said, "All my life. I love the Yankees, and, naturally, I hate the Red Sox. But I accept money from their fans." He grinned. 2.3


461. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.