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Talking Dictionary459. Bedbugs Be Gone!


459. He was making the bed. He shook out the quilt. He laid it flat on the mattress. He noticed a brown speck on the quilt. The speck was moving! He took a closer look. It was a bedbug. So that explained the two red marks on his forearm. He flushed the bedbug down the toilet. He took the quilt and sheet off the bed. He examined the mattress and bed frame. He went back into the bathroom. That bedbug had somehow clung to the quilt when he shook it. Maybe it had survived the flush. It hadn't. He flushed anyway. From that day on, he checked the pillows, sheet, and quilt thoroughly before going to bed and before making the bed. He didn't get bitten again, but his worry didn't go away. There's no such thing as eating just one peanut. There's no such thing as having just one bedbug. 2.0


459. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.