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Talking Dictionary457. Did You Wash Your Hands?


457. He walked into the kitchen. Breakfast dishes had dried in the dish rack on top of the counter. He opened a kitchen cabinet. He grabbed a dish. It touched another dish as he pulled it out of the rack. His wife was in the living room. She heard the clatter as the dishes touched. She walked into the kitchen. She asked, "Did you wash your hands thoroughly?" He grinned. He said, "Yes, dear. I always wash my hands thoroughly before I put the dishes away. Remember when you gave me your hand‐washing demonstration in the bathroom? How could I ever forget that? Now don't worry. These dishes will go into the cabinet without a single germ on them. And when I finish, you can bring me my patient." She asked, "Patient? What patient?" He said, "My hands are as sterile as a surgeon's. I might as well have a patient." 2.9


457. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.