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Talking Dictionary452. A Free Magazine Subscription


452. She got a computer magazine in the mail. She hadn't ordered it. In fact, she'd never even heard of it. The expiration date was on the address label. It was 12 months away. She read the whole magazine within the next few days. A while later, her uncle called. He asked, "Did you get the magazine?" She said, "Yes, I did. So you're the person who ordered it. I really like it. Thank you." He said, "You're welcome. I know you're taking computer courses in college. So I thought this might interest you. It's the least I could do for my favorite niece." She thanked him again. The year went by. Her subscription ended. She waited for another month, just in case her uncle was going to renew her subscription. He didn't. She renewed it herself. It was only $12 a year. Twelve dollars, she thought, for his "favorite" niece. 2.9


452. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.