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Talking Dictionary451. Dirty Bathroom Angers Wife


451. She said, "You are so lazy. I think we should get a divorce." He said, "You don't divorce someone just because they're a little bit lazy. What is it this time?" She said, "Go look at the faucet spout in the bathroom. Look at your soap dish." He went into the bathroom. He saw nothing unusual. He asked, "What are you talking about?" She entered the bathroom. She pointed at a big, white spot atop the faucet spout. She asked, "What's this? Paint?" He said, "No, dear. It's just a little toothpaste spit." He wet his hands and wiped off the dried spit. He said, "You are so picky. What else?" She lifted the bar of soap from his soap dish. She pointed at the soap scum covering the dish. She said, "Look at that. It's filthy!" He said, "Filthy? It's just old soap. Soap can't be filthy. It's soap!" 1.0


451. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.