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Talking Dictionary449. A Little Snip Here...


449. Sheila and Jay were discussing their health. Sheila said, "My feet are killing me. My doctor says I should soak them nightly." Jay said, "I've got poor circulation in my left foot. My doctor says he might have to amputate some toes." She said, "I fell and hurt my wrist. My doctor gave me some painkillers." Jay said, "I have some kind of infection in my forearm. My doctor says he might have to cut off my hand." She said, "A bee was in my can of soda. It stung my tongue. My doctor says it'll heal by itself." Jay said, "My doctor thinks I have tongue cancer. He might remove half my tongue." She said, "My doctor's retiring soon. I need to find a new doctor." Jay asked, "Do you want my doctor's number?" She said, "Goodness, no! Just think what he'd propose if I had a bad headache!" 2.0


449. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.