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Talking Dictionary446. Complaining Wives


446. Bob said, "Boy, does my wife complain. Yesterday, she complained that I didn't rinse my mouth thoroughly after brushing my teeth. She could still smell toothpaste on my breath. She hates the smell of mint." Bill said, "My wife's like yours. Yesterday, she complained that I left the toilet seat up. I did, but it was the first time in about six months. I mean, c'mon, give a guy a break." Bob said, "I've learned one thing over the years. If you say Yes, Dear often enough, loud enough, and fast enough, they complain less." Bill said, "But be careful. My wife complained last night that I said Yes, Dear too fast." Bob asked, "Too fast? How can you say it too fast?" Bill said, "She said that I said Yes, Dear before she had even finished talking. It proved that I wasn't listening—'as usual!'—to her every word." 2.2


446. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.