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Talking Dictionary441. Listen To Your Body


441. He was sitting on a crowded B train. He was wedged between two other passengers. He had no wiggle room. He felt his right leg tingling. It was going to sleep. He knew, if he just stood up before his stop, his leg would slowly wake up. But he remained sitting. Five minutes later, the train pulled into his station. He stood up. From sole to hip, he couldn't feel any part of his right leg. As best he could, he quickly hobbled out of the train and onto the platform. He felt a sharp pain in his right knee. He must have put too much weight on the knee, which he had injured years ago in a skiing accident. He immediately took the northbound B train home. His knee was killing him. He hobbled straight to bed. Once again, he thought, I've paid the price for ignoring common sense. 2.4


441. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.