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Talking Dictionary440. Your Future Is Before You


440. Joey and Stacy finished their meal. The waiter brought them some fortune cookies. Stacy broke open her cookie. Joey asked, "What does it say?" She said, "It says that I'll see a special person soon." Just then, her mom walked into the restaurant. They hugged each other. Joey opened his cookie. He said, "Mine says that I'm about to come into some money." Just then, his friend Scott walked in. Scott said, "I saw your car outside. Here's the $20 I borrowed last week." Joey said, "Boy, these fortune cookies are right on the mark today, aren't they?" He opened another cookie. He said, "It says a ticket is in my future. Oh, boy! I just entered a drawing for the Stones concert next week. I'm going to win a concert ticket!" Just then, Caroline walked in. She said, "Joey! The meter maid is outside standing next to your car." 2.3


440. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.