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Talking Dictionary439. You Scratch My Back...


439. He had a ground‐floor, one‐bedroom condo in lower Manhattan. The news about the coming hurricane was frightening. He asked his sister if he could stay in her studio apartment for a day or so. She welcomed him in. The hurricane was even worse than had been predicted. Water flooded his condo. His building had no power for four months. His sister put up with him all that time. When he finally moved back into his condo, she said, "I'm so glad you're leaving." He said, "Me, too." A few months later, she called him. She said, "I need a favor." He said, "Anything. I owe you big‐time." She said, "My youngest son Jerry, your nephew, just transferred to NYU. He needs a place to live until he graduates in two years." He said, "Two years?! C'mon! How about four months?" She said, "Sure. If he can graduate in four months." 2.9


439. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.