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Talking Dictionary438. The Pursuit Of Meaning


438. She was at her counselor's office. She said, "I'm not happy. I can't wait till I die." He said, "Happiness comes and goes. Why waste time thinking about, and seeking, something that's only temporary? Instead, seek meaning." She asked, "'Meaning'? What does that mean?" He said, "Try to make the world a better place. That will give your life meaning. Even picking up a piece of paper on the sidewalk makes the world a better place. When you give more, you'll actually get more. You'll feel more fulfilled. Giving won't cost you anything but your time. And when your time is occupied with giving, it won't be occupied with crying. Your life will have purpose. You'll begin every day asking yourself, How can I help out today? Having meaning in your life won't make you happy, but you'll stop feeling like a tiny cork floating on a giant ocean." 3.5


438. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.