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Talking Dictionary437. Don't Hit Him In The Head


437. She heard Timmy cry, "Ouch!" She ran into the boys' bedroom. They were hitting each other in the head with pillows. She yelled, "Stop it! What's the matter with you? Someone's going to get hurt!" Billy said, "Aw, Mom, we're just having fun. You can't hurt someone with pillows." Mom said, "If you can't hurt someone, why did Timmy just yell 'Ouch'? Even with a pillow, you can hurt someone if you hit them in the head. You can injure their neck. You can cause nerve damage. You can cause a concussion. They can lose their sight, or hearing, or even their sense of smell. They can lose their memory. They can suffer permanent brain damage. And do you know what's even worse than all that? It's the guilt that you'll feel every day for the rest of your life for permanently injuring someone, especially if it's someone you love." 3.3


437. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.