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Talking Dictionary435. Lazy, Spoiled, Or Both?


435. May was 15. She was an only child. It was her first visit to Manhattan. Vicky had gone to school with May's mom 30 years ago. Out of the blue, May's mom had called. She'd asked Vicky to escort May from JFK to their Manhattan hotel. Vicky met May at the JetRed carousel. Vicky dragged May's heavy suitcase off the carousel. May asked, "Could you carry my laptop?" They left the airport. May's hands were empty. Vicky carried her purse on her shoulder. She pulled the large suitcase with one hand. She carried May's laptop in her other hand. They caught the train. They got off the train and walked to the hotel. When they got close, May saw her parents in the lobby. Before they saw her, she took the suitcase and laptop out of Vicky's hands. May lugged them both through the hotel doors. Her parents hugged her. 2.5


435. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.