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Talking Dictionary434. Facelook Hosts Daily Birthday Party


434. On Natalie's tenth birthday, her mom said, "Guess what? We're taking you to the Birthday Parlor. There'll be free cake, ice cream, karaoke, and games. There'll be drawings for free prizes. There'll be free entertainment by magicians and musicians." The Birthday Parlor is a huge building in Manhattan next to the Hudson River. Facelook owns the building. It owns Birthday Parlors in all major cities worldwide. Entry is free for the "birthday boy" or "birthday girl," who must show a valid ID, and guests. A Facelook brochure says, "Our Birthday Parlors connect people face to face. Each day, our doors open to everyone who is celebrating their birthday that day. Birthday celebrants have fun and meet hundreds of other people with the same birthday as theirs. It's a huge party, every day! And it's a win‐win‐win—for the celebrants, the many vendors showcasing their desirable products and services, and us!" 6.4


434. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.