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Talking Dictionary433. Thaiger, Or Tiger?


433. A Thai golfer recently won the Malaysian Open on the European Tour. A TV announcer said, "This is tremendous news for Asian golf. This victory is the first on the European Tour by an Asian golfer. It tells the men's professional golfing world that Asians have arrived. The Asian Invasion is about to begin." His fellow announcer said, "C'mon! The Asian Invasion started in 1996. That's when Tiger Woods turned pro. Tiger's mom is Thai, so Tiger is half‐Thai. Tiger is the best Thai golfer and the best Asian golfer in the world." The other announcer said, "First, Tiger is only half‐Asian. Second, the fans don't see a half‐Asian Tiger; they see an all‐black Tiger. That's what Tiger will always be. He's just like President Obama. He's half‐white, but people worldwide see him as all‐black. Very few people are color‐blind. And most people still judge a book by its cover." 5.5


433. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.