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Talking Dictionary432. Perfume, Coffee, And Cats


432. He was on the elevator. A woman got on at the second floor. Her perfume was overwhelming. Whatever happened to "moderation in everything," he wondered. They sell perfume by the ounce. Why do some women wear it by the quart, he wondered. He got off the elevator at the third floor. He took the escalator to the coffee shop on the ninth floor. He breathed in the aroma of coffee. After savoring a cup of coffee, he walked to his sister's apartment. It was snowing. She opened the door. He said, "Phew! When's the last time you changed the cat litter?" She said, "Is it that bad? I guess I'm used to it. I'd change it, but I don't have any fresh litter." She grabbed a can of air freshener. She sprayed it everywhere. The apartment smelled like a pine tree. He asked, "Could I make a pot of coffee?" 3.1


432. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.