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Talking Dictionary430. The Tiny Office Fridge


430. They were talking about the small office refrigerator. She said, "The boss likes it because it probably saves him a dollar a month in electricity." He said, "The real reason is that he doesn't want everyone bringing their lunch to work. The smaller the fridge, the less room for lunches from home. He wants us to eat out. If we have to eat out, we have to work harder to pay for lunch. If we work harder, we close more deals. If we close more deals, we can afford our lunch. But, more importantly, we make a lot more money for the boss." She said, "If that's true, he shouldn't even provide us a small refrigerator. Then, everyone will have to work harder all the time." He said, "Hush. You never know who's listening." A week later, the fridge died. It was removed a day later. It was never replaced. 3.4


430. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.