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Talking Dictionary429. Don't Talk To Me Like That


429. Rose was taking a makeup test during class. It was an adult evening class. When break started, she continued taking her test. Alvin turned on his iPod as soon as break started. The earbuds sat on his desk as his iPod blasted away. Rose said, "Would you please turn that off? I'm trying to take a test." Alvin said, "It's break time. It's time to enjoy some music. You should take a break, too, from your test." She said, "I want to finish my test, thank you." He said, "I want to hear my music, thank you." She said, "Your 'music'? That's more like noise than music." He said, "Just for that, I hope you flunk your test." She said, "You're such a jerk!" Alvin said, "Watch yourself. Don't talk to me like that. I'm not your husband." Rose said, "If you were, our marriage wouldn't have outlasted one break!" 1.6


429. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.