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Talking Dictionary427. Oranges All Day, Every Day


427. She walked into their apartment. Her nose crinkled. She asked, "What's that smell?" He said, "They were giving these away on the street. They're promoting a new air freshener." She said, "Air freshener? It doesn't smell like fresh air in here. It smells like a huge orange." He said, "Well, that's what it's supposed to smell like—fresh oranges. The smell will last for 30 days. And you don't even need a battery. Just stick the device on the wall and Bingo, fresh oranges! Pretty cool, huh?" She peeled the device off the wall. She wrapped it inside a plastic bag. She wrapped that plastic bag inside another plastic bag. She said, "We've already got four air fresheners in this apartment—they're called windows." She walked over to a window and opened it. She said. "If I want to smell a fresh orange, I'll cut one open and eat it." 2.8


427. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.