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Talking Dictionary421. Is There Someone Else?


421. She said, "I might get a job offer in Beijing. It pays really well. But I'll have to be there for five years. What do you want to do—go there with me, or stay here in Manhattan?" Her husband said, "Oh, I'll definitely stay here. Five years of that pollution might kill me. I'll just come visit you every six months or so." The next day, she said, "Do you still love me? What you said yesterday really hurt me." He said, "I'm sorry. Of course I do. Yes, I'll come live with you in Beijing. I didn't mean what I said yesterday." She said, "You didn't? You sure sounded certain." He said, "I've had time to think. What I'm saying today is what I really mean." She said, "You should say what you mean the first time." He said, "You made it difficult. You gave me a choice." 1.3


421. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.