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Talking Dictionary417. A Shout Out For Silent TV


417. It's the future. Philo Farnsworth IV receives the annual Einstein Award. The award presentation is TV's biggest event. Science is king. Billions watch the red carpet event. Philo invented wireless, soundless TV. The sound waves travel solely to the viewers' ears. The only people who can hear soundless TV are the people actually watching the TV. Philo's invention responds to active eyeballs. And each viewer can select his own volume level, simply by blinking his eyes. "It's eery to watch people who are watching soundless TV," said Holly, Philo's friend. "You don't hear a sound, but you don't see any earbuds. What a wonderful invention. My neighbors probably still blast their TV, but now I never hear it. Philo says that, with just a few tweaks, he'll soon be able to create soundless phone calls. We won't be able to hear people yakking on their phones! How awesome is that?" 5.2


417. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.