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Talking Dictionary413. The Sky Is Falling


413. An asteroid hurtled past Earth. It was 13 times closer to Earth than the moon is. Then a huge meteorite exploded above a city in Russia. The shock wave shattered thousands of windows. Then a white fireball over San Francisco startled witnesses. Then thousands saw a yellow fireball over Miami. All this happened within a week. "I'm moving," said Lorne. His sister asked, "Moving? Why?" Lorne said, "Don't you watch the news? Meteorites are bombarding Earth. This was just the first wave. More are coming. I'm getting out of here while the getting's good." She asked, "Where will you go?" He said, "To outer space. Another planet." She said, "That's interesting. There are no nearby planets that have oxygen and water. Even if there were, you don't own a rocket ship." He said, "You're right. Perhaps I'll just stay here and ignore meteorite news." She said, "That works for me." 3.6


413. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.