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Talking Dictionary412. Death On The NYC Rails


412. Subway trains kill about one person a week in New York City. Some people accidentally fall onto the tracks. Some people get pushed. Some people jump onto the tracks to solve their money problems or their loneliness. Some people are so high on booze or drugs that they don’t even know they're on the tracks. The mayor offered a $10,000 reward for the best idea to reduce the number of deaths. A month later, he announced the winning idea. "For starters, we're going to electrify the 24‐inch, yellow strip that's on many platforms. It's the closest part of the platform to the tracks. The electricity will gently remind people that they're too close to the tracks when the train's not there. The shock will be mild. Your hair will barely stand on end. Of course, the hot strip won't stop the drunks and suicides, but maybe that's a good thing." 5.1


412. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.