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Talking Dictionary410. This Candy Is Too Good


410. He was savoring a French truffle. When most of the chocolate candy had melted in his mouth, he chewed the last remaining bit and swallowed. Immediately, he popped another one into his mouth. When he finished that one, he put another one into his mouth. His wife was watching him. She said, "I thought you were on a diet." He said, "I am. But I can't help myself. These candies are so delicious. There ought to be a law against them." She said, "Don't blame the candies. You have no will power. There ought to be a law against people with no will power. Why did you even buy the candy? You knew you were going to eat it." He said, "But my plan was to eat only one a day." She laughed. She said, "Well, you're sticking to your plan. You are eating only one a day—one dozen!" 2.4


410. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.