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Talking Dictionary409. Turn That Frown Upside Down


409. She said, "I hate your long face. You should be happy being married to me, not sad." He said, "I am happy! I can't help it if the corners of my mouth turn down. That's gravity, not me." She said, "Well, it bothers me to look at your long face." He said, "Maybe I could reverse gravity by standing on my head for an hour every day." She said, "An hour wouldn't do it. Besides, you need a permanent fix. Maybe they have surgery for long faces." He was skeptical, but he went online. Later, he said, "Boy, modern medicine is something else. They actually do have something called 'corner uplift' surgery." She said, "Great! Go for it." One month later, she said, "I love your new smiley face." One year later, she said, "I wish you'd stop smiling all the time. You look like The Joker. It's very irritating." 2.7


409. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.