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Talking Dictionary407. Tow, Tow, Tow Your Boat


407. A cruise ship lost most of its power. It had to be towed back to port. The tow took five days. During that time, most toilets and showers didn't work. Most of the food spoiled. Cabin rooms were sweltering and completely dark. When the ship finally docked, TV reporters were waiting. Angry passengers complained to them. Frank and Mary were watching a TV report. Mary said, "What are these people complaining about? Cruise ships are in the news every year. How many times do half the passengers catch a stomach virus? Just last year a cruise ship sank. People died. These passengers knew that something bad could happen. But they probably hoped that it would happen on another ship, not theirs. They should be grateful—they're alive, and they're getting a refund." Frank said, "And they're getting a discount for a future cruise. I bet they'll use the discount, too." 3.6


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