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Talking Dictionary401. My Tired Uncle


401. My uncle tires too easily. He gets tired just using the TV remote. Yesterday he went to Macy's. He went to the sixth floor. He said it took him a few minutes to get his breath back. I asked, "You got winded on the elevator?!" He said, "I didn't take the elevator. It's always too crowded, and you have to wait too long. I got winded on the escalator." I said, "Well, next time, don't walk up the escalator steps. Just stand there. The escalator will get you there eventually." He said, "I did just stand there. I didn't walk up one step. But I had to walk from one escalator to another." I said, "You need to go see a doctor." He said, "I'm too tired to go see a doctor. I'm just going to wait till I pass out, and then they can carry me to a doctor." 2.6


401. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.