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Talking Dictionary399. Open The Darn Package!


399. The unopened box contained a bar of soap. He dug under the end flap with his thumbnail. He couldn't pry the flap open. He tried to dig under the other end flap. He couldn't pry that flap open either. This is a simple, cardboard box, he thought. Why is it sealed like Fort Knox? He grabbed a knife and sawed through the box. That's it, he thought. He was tired of wrestling with packages in order to open them. He went to his basement. After many months of effort, he developed his Instant Opener. He took it to trade shows. Manufacturers loved it. What was it? A quiet, tiny bomb. To activate the bomb, all a customer had to do was pull on a piece of string on the outside of the package. The tiny bomb was just strong enough to open any package. It didn't even make a mess. 2.8


399. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.