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Talking Dictionary398. Orange Rectangle Is Bad News


398. Boris called his cable company. He said, "Last night I went to sleep with my TV on. This morning the TV was still on, but the screen was black. There was a big, orange rectangle on the screen. It said, 'Weekly Required Test.' The clock on the cable box said 4:30, but it was actually 7:15. I tried to turn off the TV with the remote. Nothing happened. I tried to turn off the cable box with the remote. Nothing happened. I unplugged the cable box. Then I plugged it back in. But the correct time didn't appear on the cable box. Instead, numbers appeared. Number one, number two, number three. When the count‐up got to 100, it started all over again. It's still doing it. What's going on?" The representative didn't know. She talked to her supervisor. She told Boris, "My supervisor says your cable box flunked the test."


398. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.