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Talking Dictionary394. TVs That Listen


394. He said, "Boy, new TVs are so cool. Now we can stream Internet movies directly to our TVs. And next year, remotes will be obsolete. TVs will have voice control. We'll just say 'TV on' and 'TV off.' We won't have to push buttons anymore. We're definitely getting a new TV next year." She said, "Great. You'll never have to dig through the sofa for the remote again. Will our new TV have automatic volume control?" He said, "Of course not. No TV nowadays has automatic volume control. The networks and advertisers don't like it. They want their commercials to be twice as loud as the program. But with the new TVs, all we'll have to do is say 'Volume down' whenever the commercials start." She asked, "You're okay with that?" He said, "Well, I guess it's progress." She said, "No, 'progress' is AVC—like we had 30 years ago!" 3.4


394. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.