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Talking Dictionary393. Cows, Cats, And Dogs


393. "I don't understand those people in India," Lester said. His wife Lucy asked, "What about them?" He said, "They're hungry. They're surrounded by millions of cows. But their religion doesn't allow them to eat cows. It's crazy to have all that fresh meat and not eat it." She said, "But we do the same thing in America." He said, "I don't think so. There isn't a cow in America that we don't eat sooner or later." She said, "I'm not talking about cows. I'm talking about cats and dogs. How many million strays do we put to sleep every year? First, we put them in shelters. Then, if nobody adopts them, we put them to sleep. Then we bury them, or burn them, or whatever. We should eat them. Pet meat is still meat." Lester said, "Eat our pets?! Forget it! That's un‐American!" Lucy said, "Well, eating cows is un‐Indian!" 3.2


393. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.