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Talking Dictionary392. Stand Up So I Can Sit Down


392. He was big and tall. And old. He was wearing jeans. His jeans reeked of urine. He walked slowly through the subway car. He stood in front of an old lady. He said, "Please let me have your seat." She looked at the floor. He didn't move. She said, "Please go away." He said, "I'll go away if you give me your seat." He laughed at his joke. She continued looking at the floor. He said, "You people are all the same." He walked to the other end of the car. "Please give me your seat," he said to a young man. The young man got up. Alarmed, the two people next to him also got up. The old man sat down. He had the whole bench to himself. He spread out his arms along the back of the bench. He grinned broadly. At the next stop, he got off. 0.1


392. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.