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Talking Dictionary390. Peter The Peepot


390. Peter wet the bed regularly. His dad yelled at him whenever he wet the bed. The yelling made Peter nervous. Being nervous made him wet the bed the next night. Whenever Peter wet the bed, his sister teased him. She chanted, "Peter is a peepot! Peter is a peepot!" One evening Dad asked Mom, "How much longer is he going to do this?" Mom said, "I'll talk to him." She talked to him. Peter didn't wet the bed that night. Or the next. A week went by. Dad said, "That's a miracle! What did you say to him last week?" Mom said, "I said I wanted to share a little secret with him. I said you used to wet the bed just like him. He laughed. I think it relaxed him. It was a little white lie, but it worked." Smiling, Dad said, "It was a little wet lie too." 1.5


390. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.