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Talking Dictionary386. Vote Or Die


386. An Arizona woman tried to run over her husband after the presidential election. The husband told a reporter, "She's crazy. She's a crazy Republican. All she talks about is politics. She didn't use to be like this. She used to be normal. Now she's turned me off the whole voting process. Tuesday night, she asked me if I had voted for Romney. I said I hadn't voted for anyone. She exploded. She said I hadn't done my 'civic duty.' The next day, she tried to run me over. Well, after I somehow escaped with my life, I did my civic duty. I called the cops! How's that for civic duty? And she wants people to vote? I hope the jury votes 12 to nothing to put her in jail. When she gets out, she can look for a new husband. I hope she marries a politician. They'll deserve each other." 3.4


386. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.