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Talking Dictionary385. Foot Trapped In Train Doors


385. "Stand clear of the closing doors," the subway train recording announced. The young woman on the platform didn't want to miss the Q train. She stuck her right foot between the doors. The doors closed on her sneaker like a bear trap. The train started moving slowly. The woman screamed, "Help! Stop!To keep up with the train, she started hopping on her left foot. Riders in the car dashed over to the door. Travelers on the platform did too. At least eight hands tried to pull the doors apart. People on the platform and the train were yelling and screaming. The conductor stopped the train. The doors opened. The young woman almost fell onto the platform, but someone caught her. The doors closed. The train took off. A female rider said to her husband, "She could've been killed!" He replied, "You'll never see my foot between those doors again!" 2.4


385. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.