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Talking Dictionary380. Long Live Twinkies


380. "Did you hear the news?" Jane asked her husband. Justin asked, "News about what?" She said, "The Hostess company is going bankrupt." He asked, "Who or what is the Hostess company?" She said, "Only the most important company in the world. Have you ever heard of Twinkies? Have you ever heard of Ding Dongs? Have you ever heard of Ho Hos?" He said, "Of course. Hasn't everybody? It just slipped my mind that those are Hostess products. So, are they going to stop making Twinkies? If so, you'd better start stocking up." She said, "I don't have to. Another company is going to buy Hostess out. It'll continue to make all the snack cakes. The only thing different is that thousands of workers will lose their union jobs." He said, "That's too bad." She said, "Yes, it is. But the important thing is that I'll have a happy sweet tooth." 2.6


380. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.