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Talking Dictionary378. Chompers And Gulpers In Theater


378. Simon and Marie hadn't been to a movie theater in years. He didn't like theaters because of certain people. Certain people like to talk during a movie. Certain people like to kick the seats in front of them. Certain people like to eat loudly. Certain people like to hog the armrests. Certain people have loud, obnoxious laughs. Certain people are so big that people directly behind them can't see the whole screen. Marie said, "Well, maybe the theater won't be crowded." But it was. They sat down in the middle of the theater. The couple behind them ate throughout the 20 minutes of previews. They continued to eat throughout the entire 90‐minute movie. They kept digging munchies out of crackling paper bags. They slurped their drinks. The movie ended. The credits started appearing on‐screen. Simon and Marie stood up. The man behind them said, "Excuse me. You're blocking our view." 4.3


378. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.