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Talking Dictionary377. Rich Lady Tries To Cheat Store


377. Carol wasn't born rich, but she married rich. She wanted for nothing. Yet she was always trying to get a little bit more. One day she bought a small, expensive purse. She bought it just for a party. She planned to show it off. Then she planned to return it to the store. However, after the party, she accidentally smudged the purse. When she tried to remove the smudge, it got bigger. Undaunted, she took the purse back to the Fifth Avenue store. The sales clerk went and got the manager. The manager pointed at the smudge. "What's this?" he asked. Carol said, "Oh, that was there when I bought it. That's why I'm returning it." The manager gave her a long, cold look. He said, "Madam, we would never sell a purse in this condition. If you like, I'll give you the phone number of our midtown leather cleaner." 2.7


377. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.