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Talking Dictionary375. A Computer Warranty


375. He held down the shift key. He tapped the letter T. A small "t" appeared on his computer screen. He tapped again. This time a big "T" appeared on the screen. I hate this computer, he thought. Several function keys had never worked. The touchpad had become less responsive over the past year. Light taps didn't always work. Hard taps had become necessary. He rapped the touchpad so hard that he startled his wife. She was in the next room. "Did you drop something?" she asked. He said his computer wasn't working right. She asked, "Why don't you get it repaired?" He said it'd cost too much money. She said, "But you bought a two‐year warranty with that computer." He said, "I did? You're right. How could I forget that? That cost $100." He went through his old receipts. He found the warranty receipt. It had expired a month ago. 2.1


375. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.