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Talking Dictionary369. Where Can I Buy Groceries?


369. She pulled her small cart into the apartment building elevator. She had just been grocery shopping. She pushed the button for the ninth floor. A man was already standing inside. He said, "Hi. I'm new here in Manhattan. Can you tell me where I can buy groceries?" She said, "Hi. Sure. There are a few markets in this neighborhood. There's NSA over on 9th Avenue. There's Gristedes on 3rd Avenue. There's Whole Foods on 7th Avenue. There's Trader Joe's on 14th Street. There's Duane Reade on every corner almost. It sells some fresh produce and lots of other food items. And of course there are delis everywhere." He said, "Great. Thanks. Is there any place you recommend?" She said, "Yes. Buy your produce from the street vendors. They sell the same produce as the big supermarkets, but much cheaper. That's probably because their only overhead is an umbrella or two." 3.8


369. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.