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Talking Dictionary368. Get‐Well Card For One


368. Mason's brother‐in‐law David was scheduled for surgery. "It's his heart. They're going to saw through his sternum," said David's wife. "He'll be in the hospital for about five days. It'll take him about five months to recover fully. But he should feel a lot better after surgery. Right now he can't even walk without huffing and puffing." Mason bought a get‐well card for David. Then he remembered something. His two other brothers‐in‐law had been in the hospital within the past two years. They had had surgery too. He hadn't mailed a get‐well card to either of them. If he mailed this card to David, the other two might hear about it. They might feel offended. But if he didn't mail a card to David, he might feel offended. Mason mailed the card. Hopefully, the other two will get sick again, he thought. Then he could mail them get‐well cards too. 4.1


368. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.