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Talking Dictionary367. Big Boys Don't Cry


367. Kyle said, "I'm not afraid of anything." Jenna, Kyle's older sister, said, "You're still a little baby. Halloween is next week. I'll bet I can scare you." He laughed. "What are you going to do? Jump out of the closet? Wear a scary mask? Nothing will work." She said, "We'll see who gets scared next week." On Halloween night, Jenna took Kyle trick or treating. He was dressed as a construction worker. He even wore steel‐toed boots. By 10 p.m., his bag was full of candy. They started walking home. Suddenly, The Joker leaped out of some bushes. Jenna was startled. Kyle was unfazed. "Give me that bag!" said The Joker. Kyle kicked The Joker in his shin. He cried, "Ouch!" and hobbled away. They continued walking. Kyle said, "I hope your friend limps for a week." Jenna said, "I have no idea who that jerk was. You ARE brave." 2.0


367. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.