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Talking Dictionary366. Tough Love From The Soda Machine


366. She walked up to the drink machine. She fed it a dollar bill. She pushed the button for a cherry soda. The machine buzzed. Then it said, "We're so sorry. We cannot accept your money for this product. It has calories, and you are overweight. Please select a calorie‐free product. We suggest you try a bottle of refreshing spring water. That would be button number 4." She angrily pushed the button for a cherry soda again. The machine buzzed louder and longer. It said, "Perhaps you didn't understand. Please push the button for the language you speak." She pushed the Chinese button. The machine continued in English. "You cannot fool us. We know who you are. We are protecting you from yourself. Please select a calorie‐free drink. After you've lost 25 pounds, you may push the cherry soda button up to twice a week." She kicked the machine hard—twice. 3.8


366. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.