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Talking Dictionary365. The Smelly Subway Panhandler


365. They got on the N train. Jane stood there for a second. Then she spun on her heel and started walking out of the car. Cliff looked around. He saw a little man holding a white Styrofoam cup. Cliff followed Jane out of the car. They entered another car. The train left the station. Cliff asked what the problem was. She said, "Didn't you smell him? Sometimes I wish I had your nose." The end door opened. The little man entered their car. He mumbled something to nearby riders and held out his cup. Jane quickly walked to the opposite end of the car. Cliff didn't move for a moment. Then he smelled something. Good grief, he wondered. How can one person smell up a whole car? He walked to the opposite end of the car. At the next stop, they got off that car and waited for another train. 1.8


365. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.