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Talking Dictionary361. Where'd My Suitcase Go?


361. He had just returned from gambling in Atlantic City. My luck continues, he thought, as he saw a parking space close to his apartment building. He whistled as he parked his car. He lifted his three big suitcases out of the trunk. He put them on the sun‐baked sidewalk. He parked one suitcase against his car. He rolled the other two into the lobby. He returned to his car. The suitcase was gone. He looked up and down the street. He looked all around. He called the police. A policewoman asked, "Why would you leave your suitcase unattended on the sidewalk? People steal suitcases, you know, especially when they have wheels." He said, "Yes, but this is the Upper West Side! It's quiet! It's safe! It's crime free! It's not at all like where I used to live." She asked, "And where was that?" He said, "The Lower East Side." 2.5


361. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.