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Talking Dictionary360. Your Questions Annoy Me (2)


360. Later that afternoon, Earl sent everyone out to take pictures for practice. He said to return by 4:30 sharp. Will and Keesha went to two vacant apartments. Keesha took lots of pictures; Will took only a few. They returned to the training room at 4:27. One student hadn't returned. Earl asked where Jack was. Keesha said that Jack was outside smoking a cigarette. Will went to the rest room. He came out a couple of minutes later. The training room had glass walls. The sliding glass door was open. Will saw Jack. He was back in the training room. Earl saw Will approaching. "Walk faster!" Earl said. Will was amazed. He's telling me to walk faster from the bathroom to the training room, Will thought angrily. Earl shouted, "I s‐a‐i‐d, walk faster!" Will walked slowly into the training room. He shook his fist in Earl's face. "Walk this!" Will said. 2.8


360. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.